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Welcome to Little Ranch Hand.....MADE 100% IN THE USA
Basic Buckaroos: Toys Tough Enough for Cowboys and Cowgirls! Our toys are exclusively made of die-cast metal and powder coated which makes them durable. You can actually play with them for years. They are manufactured 100% in the USA. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Toy Corral Panels
What fun!!!! Toy corral panels die-cast and powder coated in assorted colors: blue, green,silver, and red. They hook together just like the life size panels. Their size (3 1/2 X 5 1/2) are equivalent to the 1/20 scale animals. Sold in sets of 4 corral panels or larger sets; Working Alley Set.(Barn and farm animals are not included)
A great addition to your corral panel set-up is a full length gate. It completes the realistic aspects by forming an enclosure that can be opened and closed easily. This gate attaches to the corral panels and will swing freely. There is a chain with a snap attached to secure the gate to the adjacent corral panel. They come in assorted colors that match the panels. We have all colors currently available-blue, red, green, silver
Working Alley
Complete Set: 16 corral panels, 3 full-size gates and 3 curved panels. Build your own working facility to scale.
Red Round Pen
Round pen set comes with 5 curved panels with one small gate with chain and hook. They are perfect scale to use with the "Breyer" Stablemates, Schliech or PBR Bucking Bulls.
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Corral Panels
toy corral panels
3 1/2 X 5 1/2 die-cast gate with gate tie
Curved Panel Sets
Curved Panel Sets
Round Pens
Round Pens
Working Alley
complete working alleys with gates


  Welcome to Little Ranch Hand. Our scale panels and gates are 1/20. This is the size of Schleich, PBR Bucking Bulls and other 1/20 scale toys. The panels and gates have the Little Ranch Hand logo (LRH) in the casting of each piece. This identifying mark adds authenticity and collectibility to all of our products. It also creates long term value. Please contact us if your order will not complete. There have been some of the shipping options that have not been going through. Thank you so much. LRH 501-412-3646 or
LRH are 1/20 scale and perfect for train sets or other model uses for farm displays. *************************************** Our complete toy line are not recommended for children under 3 years old. They are BEST suited for children 5 years and older. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Caution- These toys are made of die-cast metal and we are not responsible for any injury caused by improper use of them. The gate chains, feed tubs and other small pieces are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN. They pose a choking risk. ************************************* SHIPPING INFORMATION: Approximate shipping costs for United States Postal Service: $7.00 (around 14 pieces), $14.00 medium flat rate boxes (large orders). We will do the best we can to charge actual shipping and handling.
silver corral panel
3 1/2 X 5 1/2 die-cast corral panel -- $ 3.50
blue corral panel set
set of 4 corral panels -- $ 12.00
red corral panel set
set of 4 corral panels -- $ 12.00
silver corral panel set
set of 4 corral panels -- $ 12.00
green corral panel set
set of 4 corral panels -- $ 12.00
Green Gate
Green Gate -- $ 4.00
Red Gate
red die-cast gate -- $ 4.00
Silver Gate
silver die-cast gate -- $ 4.00
Blue Round Pen
Blue Round Pen with Walk Through Gate -- $ 25.00
Blue Curved Panel Set
Blue Curved Panel Set -- $ 8.00
Green Curved Panel Set
Green Curved Panel Set -- $ 8.00
Green Round Pen
Green Round Pen with Walk Through Gate -- $ 25.00
Red Curved Panels
90 degree curved panel set -- $ 8.00
Red Working Pen/Arena
Red Pen with alley and crowding tub -- $ 75.00
Red Round Pen
Red Round Pen with Walk through Gate -- $ 25.00
Red Sm. Gate
Small Red Walk-Through Gate -- $ 4.00
Silver Curved Panel Set
Silver Curved Panel Set -- $ 8.00
Silver Round Pen
Silver Round Pen with Walk Through Gate -- $ 25.00
Silver Sm Gate
Silver Small Walk Through Gate -- $ 3.00
Yellow Working Pen/Arena
16 panels, 3 curved & 3 large gates yellow -- $ 75.00